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Post by HacksGraphics on Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:52 am

HG News: Want the updates on what's going on at Hacks Graphics N More? Then this is the place to find out the 411! You can also find out who the Member and Tagger of the Month is here!

The Tank: This is where every member Introduces themselves, Post their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.... and post likes and Dislikes!

The Pearl: This is where you find Message in a bottle and The Clam!

Message in a Bottle: This is where you have like a personal Mailbox where everyone can come and post Graphics to say hi, Happy Friday or anything!! Just something Fun to do! happy

The Clam: This is where you can have your own space to post Pictures or Tell us a Story or anything you would like to share with us about your life!

Fish School: This is where you can post Questions you may have about the site or Get Help on how to work PSP!! You can learn anything you want, just have to ask! happy

Seashells: This is where you request and pick up Tags/Siggys and other Graphics from our Taggers!

Aquarium: This is the funnest part of the whole Forum!! You can play Games, Do Challenges, Chat, Share Stuff, or Give and Recieve Pressies!!

The Reef: This is where you can keep up with your Sand Dollars "points you earn to spend" and where you can purchase Exclusive Tags/Siggy Sets and other Graphics with your Sand Dollars! Also keep an eye out cause there might be a Tube offer you can buy also, Just might be a Gift Certificate at PTE!! Just gotta keep watch!!

Note: The lil bottle that is hopping up and down next to Home on the NavBar, click it and it will take you straight to our Portal Page!! If you would like us to advertise something for you plz email HacksGraphics and let us know!

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